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H O M E A G A I N R I C H M O N D 5 East Franklin Street Richmond VA 23219 804 358-774 Mary a thirty-ve year old mother of one son Alexander came to HomeAgain escaping a life of violence and conict. A graduate of ROTC Mary joined the navy and completed a 2 year tour after high school and went to work for a group home following her tour of duty. Falling on hard times Mary accepted the invitation of a friend to help her pay a bill. This free help wasnt free at all and led her to a life of prostitution. She escaped and came to live with family here in Virginia but that arrangement did not work out long-term. Desperate and determined to make life better for herself and her son Mary called the Homeless Point of Entry. Shed heard about HomeAgain and requested placement at our Family Shelter. I was determined to hit the ground running meaning that she would waste no time nding employment and housing. Program Manager JoLinda Underwood listened to Marys dream of obtaining her CDL license and owning a eet of trucks. Aware of an opening for a bus driver with the public school system JoLinda helped Mary get a Virginia drivers license utilizing the Edward King Fund. Mary participated in a full week of training walking twenty-ve minutes between the bus stop and the training site twice per day. Making a better life for her and her son kept her going. Mary now has her Class B license and is working on her Class- A license. Furthermore she just started working for the school system and is now in a position to maintain housing. I dont want to depend on or be enabled by the system she says. She attributes her progress to her faith in God and to the support that she received from HomeAgain. CLIENT-CENTERED Helping families and individuals experiencing homelessness to secure and maintain a home again FY 2014 Annual Report MEET OUR NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Friends I joined HomeAgain in February of 2015 and immediately knew that I had become a part of a special organization with a long and rich history of impactful service to those experiencing homelessness in our region. Bringing over 26 years of senior management experience in non-prot settings and 14 years of housing and homelessness experience I am so proud and excited to be a part of this organization that offers hope and opportunity to so many. I look forward to working with all of you our funders donors partners and volunteers as together we engage in this movement to end homelessness in our community. While there are many ways and reasons a family or individual may become homeless there is only one solution housing. Like many of you we recognize that the absence of safe decent and affordable housing in a persons life constitutes a debilitating barrier to their health nancial and social stability. Housing is a most basic need and impacts every aspect of life. For that reason HomeAgain adopted a Housing First approach to services. Last year HomeAgain served 354 households to include 520 individuals. Of the 284 households that took full advantage of our programs 214 75